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431 Decatur Street, St. Charles, Missouri 63301

Phone: BASK Direct Line: (636) 723-4419

School Office: (636) 946-2713

Director: Alayna Freeman

St. Charles Borromeo School offers a Before and After School Kids (BASK) program which begins on the first full day of the school year and ends at the end of the school year. Your child must be enrolled in the BASK program to use the before or after school care programs.
Morning BASK begins at 6:30 am, afternoon BASK begins at school dismissal and closes at 5:30 pm.

Enrollment & Registration Information: 
There is a  $35 registration fee per child which will cover both morning and/or after school care programs. BASK fees are charged by the hour and will be billed through the parent FACTS account.  All paperwork must be completed before any child will be allowed to stay at either program. The charges for the programs are found on the enrollment, registration, and agreement forms.
NOTE*** Because the FACTS account is prepaid a credit toward care will be applied to any family that overpaid.
The morning program will be held in the BASK classroom starting at 6:30 a.m. until the students report to homeroom. Drop off for morning care will be at the glass doors on the "Gym Lot". Children enrolled in the morning care program need to be walked into the building. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY CHILD BE LEFT WITHOUT SUPERVISION before this time. This service, as the after school service, is for you to use on a regular basis or irregular basis. If you will not be using the service regularly, any notification of days needed is appreciated. It is our pleasure to offer these programs and be of service to you if the need arises.

BASK Enrollment Form

BASK Courtesy Form


We need to be able to properly staff BASK. We have limited spots due to our staffing. It is VERY important to sign up as early as possible. Please try to avoid signing up the day of, but we do know that there are times that it can't be avoided.

​* Your first bill will consist of charges from August 18- Sept 30. You will then be charged on a monthly basis with the bill being due on the 10th of each month.

BASK Sign-Up

Please send any changes or correspondence related to BASK to This email is accessible by all BASK supervisors. Additionally, please drop a note to this email address if someone other than the typical pick up person is picking up. This helps us keep track of dismissal changes and keeps our kids safe.

​The BASK Staff

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