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Eight year olds have big goals and a large imagination.  They are anxious to achieve new goals but do not always have the patience to accomplish them.  There is a love of fun and friends, coupled with some level of anxiety.  The transition to nine comes with increased worry and inquisition.  There is an increase in the level of competitiveness and arguing at times when working in groups.  Begin to see the world at large, as well as the concerns and problems that accompany our community.  They need patience, love and laughter from the adults who love


As they enter nine students may begin to worry more and engage in deep thoughts.  They want to know why things are the way they are and are beginning to develop a strong sense of justice.  The transition to ten comes with increased joy and pride in accomplishments.  The ability to work in groups and with others gradually improves with time at these ages.  Muscles are beginning to develop and changes in the body may begin to become visible. They are learning to love to learn, while taking an increased interest in specific content areas and activities.


Ten year olds tend to be relaxed and at ease.  They enjoy sharing new information and are eager to reach out and help others.  There muscle development continues as does their appreciation for hard work and pride in a job well done.  The transition to eleven comes with huge changes to mind, body and spirit.  At this age children can be quite moody and very concerned with social interactions.  They begin to develop the ability to reason and problem solve in more abstract ways.  They require much patience and ample opportunities to interact with peers!


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