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Children at this age are changing dramatically in mind, body and spirit!  They enjoy a lot of physical activity but still tire easily.  They can be talkative and noisy but easily upset when corrected.  There is a LOVE of friends and peers and often a level of insatiable curiosity.  Students at this age learn best through games, song and hands-on learning opportunities.  They enjoy doing a lot of work but are often not concerned about the quality.  They are explorers, creators and dreamers!



Six year olds may still be quite energetic, eager and noisy.  The transition to seven arrives with a new level of sensitivity and seriousness.  Children will become moody and at times shy.  While the six year old may enjoy the company of a lot of friends, the transition to seven may come with the desire to play with one friend or even alone.  There is an improvement in fine motor skills and increase in knowledge of words and meaning.  Attention span gradually increases as does excitement for learning!


Children are hard workers who are beginning to learn how to manage their feelings and thoughts.  As they move towards eight they may take on bigger challenges but lack patience.  There is an increased desire to talk about ideas and a developing sense of humor.  Single gender play becomes more attractive.  Physical growth spurts may begin to occur, as well as a keener interest in logic and justice.  Most are still full of energy and find opportunities to play and work hard.

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