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Physical Education

At St. Charles Borromeo we teach children to move skillfully with confidence in a wide variety of activities, and how to stay healthy and physically active for the rest of their lives. Almost half of American adults are not active enough to achieve health benefits. We believe we can change this trend through providing every child with a quality physical education experience. Our students explore a wide variety of activities with the goal of guiding each child to discover their own personal physical activity interests. In quality physical education programs, children learn fundamental movement skills, set fitness and physical activity goals, and create personal fitness plans while developing an understanding of the wonderful benefits that come with leading a physically active life. Students in grades 2 through 8 are tested twice a year using the Missouri Fitness Standards. Through inclusive and engaging activities, our students develop a joy of moving and the skills they will need to maintain an active lifestyle into old age. We prepare today’s children with the knowledge, skills and motivation to be tomorrow’s healthy adults.

Jamie Kneale | PE Teacher
Jamie Kneale
Summer Office Ho