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Our Philosophy

St. Charles Borromeo School Community has a collaborative commitment to Catholic education consisting of parents, staff, students, and parish. Priority is given to promoting a four-fold mission: forming a community of faith, worshiping, proclaiming the message of Jesus, and reaching out in service to others.


Therefore, within this environment of service, message, and community, the purpose of St. Charles Borromeo School is:


To provide the experience of cooperation through the working and helping of others in all areas of the Christian community.


To strive to deepen our love for God through a Church that is relational in everything we do: worship, work, and play.


To establish and enrich the reality of living Christian values in serving God, Church, and neighbor.

In educating our students our goal is to reach the whole child: the intellectual, moral spiritual, physical, psychological and aesthetic self in a way that prepares each student for the future in a complex, changing society.

Therefore, we:


Teach according to each child's ability, the skills and appreciation of each subject area.


Create an environment that encourages an ongoing enthusiasm for learning.


Provide formal and informal learning opportunities which allow students to experience the process of making responsible, loving choices and of living with the consequences of those choices.

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