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Today, I wanted to write about joy and how we need to do a better job spreading it in our own community. I wanted to write about forgiveness and how we need to say we are sorry when we make mistakes. I wanted to write about World Kindness Day, yesterday....irony.... I need to write about wonder ~ I wonder why evil erupted in Paris last night... I wonder why there are people who value human life so little as to take that of another.... I wonder if we are moving closer to a Third World War.... I wonder if the words shared in the Book of Revelation are far too close to coming to fruition... I wonder if changing all of our profile pictures to blue, white and red makes us feel better.... I wonder how the people who lost loved ones yesterday feel.... I wonder if we need to tell our children.... I wonder if we can afford not to tell our children.... I wonder what God wants us to do? I wonder why.... There are no answers to my wonders. There are no simple solutions to those moments and events that rock and shape our world. People will gather. They will pray together in Churches for the people of Paris. They will stand on their driveways and talk with neighbors about what happened. They will eat and drink together sharing stories of their last trip to Europe. They ~ we will not fix the problem today, or tomorrow. How does one solve a problem when there are no easy answers? Many of us will look to God to "fix" this for heal our surround all of us in healing, light and love. He cannot do this alone. The world needs all of us to do this together. We are ALL made in his image. We are ALL the shining light of Christ on Earth. So what are we going to do when when the Church doors close, and we walk back up our driveways into our homes and we pay for our meals and climb back into our cars.... We are going to live. We are going to live as Christ wants us to live. We are going to spread joy in our communities. We are going to forgive those who have sinned against us. We are going to be kind and loving and grateful for the boundless opportunities God has given us to shine our lights ~

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