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Welcome to the St. Charles Borromeo School. The mission of St. Charles Borromeo School calls us to join together to worship, to learn, and to serve. Those three pillars of our school are the building blocks to sainthood. We worship God as a participant in the body of Christ. We learn to search for truth and to grow our intellect. We learn, not just academics, but we learn virtue and learn to love. Through this learning process, we grow academically physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Together we serve our community to fulfill the works of mercy and to implement the Church’s social mission. Our sincere hope is that a child’s journey through life here at St. Charles Borromeo takes the children closer to sainthood. 


Along the journey, there may be times the children may fail. Those failures do not define the children. We want them to know that it is more important how we respond to failure. In the end, it is the successes that come out of those failures that define us. The team of teachers and staff here share in this mission and work collaboratively to help build an environment where every child feels safe and is given the opportunity to flourish.


Our hope is that the children who are educated here leave us with a rich and healthy curiosity and know that God is calling them to something great in life. He desires them to grow in faith, virtue, and love of each other and love of Him. We here at St. Charles Borromeo partner with you the parents in your role as primary educators. Your children are a treasure, and we want to accompany you and your child. They are special to us, and we hope you know how much they are loved. St. Charles Borromeo has an incredible historical legacy, and we pray that God continues to bless our efforts in helping to form justice-minded citizens and active members of the faith.


In Christ,


Dan Mullenschlader Ed.D.

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