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We are excited to bring back the ability to support your SCB Family or parish ministry through the SCRIP program. As with everything else lately, new procedures are necessary to keep our volunteers and staff safe during the exchange of out gift cards. We would like to make the process as hands free as possible. Orders and payments will be made using the online system provided by One of our coordinators will then fulfill your order and it will be available for pickup or child delivery.

· Login to your account on

  • If you do not have an online account set up currently, please see the attachment Joining Our Scrip Program

  • Use enrollment code: 39EE714A3932

  • Be sure to set up PrestoPay as well for your payment method.

Choose the retailer you would like to purchase. You can find our preferred local vendors as available for purchase as well when you search retailers.

  • One option is for "Gift Cards" which will be the physical cards you will pick up

  • The second option is for "eCards" which are available instantly and can be scanned at the register. This is the preferred option. If you have never used the eCards - Give it a try!

· Add you items to your cart and check out using PrestoPay or the Credit Card option


· Your order will automatically be sent to our coordinator, and will be filled for pick up.


· An email will be sent to you after your order is received asking which pickup option you would like. Pick up options will include:

  • The school office

  • Child delivery


I know this is a change in everyone's normal routine for purchasing SCRIP cards. If you need any help at all please reach out to us at We can walk you through your online setup.

Below are the forms for scrip order with the percentages and permission slip.

The school will earn 1% on call purchases.

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