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How do I add money to my lunch account?

All our finances are through FACTS including lunch funds. In order to access your child’s lunch account please log in through your parent portal. The following are the ways you can pay for your child’s lunch.  


1) PREFERRED METHOD: The best way to add money to your lunch account is to log into your FACTS account and add the funds to your prepay lunch account. 


2) If for any reason you cannot upload the funds to your account on FACTS you may bring a check addressed to St. Charles Borromeo or SBC with your child’s name and cafe or lunch in the memo. Please bring it to the office in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and what the check is for. 


3) If neither of the options above is possible you may bring cash to the school office in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, the amount, and which account the funds need to be added to (ex. Lunch, BASK, fees, etc.). 


How do I check my child's lunch balance?

Sign into FACTS:

go to "My Accounting"

then to "Cafeteria"

then to " Account"

Once you click on account, you can see what your children are purchasing.

À La Carte Items:

  • Items are still available as needed. Items and pricing coming soon. In the meantime please take a look the month lunch menu below if you are interested in purchasing.

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